Getting Started

Getting Started with Paracord Weaving.

Where to Buy 550 Paracord

The best paracord to use for paracord bracelets is 550 Paracord this has a minimum breaking strain of 550lb (250Kg) and is made using 7 Strands. 550 Paracord is made of 100% Nylon. You have to be careful when buying paracord as there are a lot of imitations around made of polyester which is not as strong. The two stores below both supply genuine US GSA Compliant 550 Paracord. The Bushcraft Store The bushcraft store has a large selection of colours avaliable, and they can be ordered by phone, at their shop in Enfield or Online Here. They offer a discount for scouting if you ask for it. :) Wild Elk Paracord Wild Elk has a big selection of colours including some very bright camoflague ones. You can order by phone or by visiting their Online Shop Here.

Where to Buy Paracord Clips

We use 10mm contoured side release clips on our bracelet designs. They are small and comfortable on the wrist. Both the Bushcraft Store and Wild Elk sell packs of 5. However we normally search ebay and buy packs of 50 from Hong Kong. You can get these clips in a variety of colours too. UK Ebay Seller – 10mm Paracord Clips Click here to search ebay.

Where to get a Paracord Jig

We make paracord jigs as individuals or as a 4 way work bench. Please send us a message here to find out more.

Learning How to Weave

There are soo many different types of weaves that you can try but the easiest to start with is called a cobra weave. There are lots of tutorials on youtube mostly done by americans which are fairly simple to follow.  However I would highly recommend purchasing Fusion Ties Volume 1 + 2 from here. These books are brilliant and very easy to follow. If you are on facebook there are a couple of group dedicated to paracord, they are brilliant place to pick up new ideas and ask questions. Parachute Cord Crafters Knots and Knottings Knot Just Paracord Group Finally check out my tutorial page, this page is made up of all the tutorials that I have put together.

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